Where Do We Get Our Beans?

Where do we get our beans? Always a great question to ask. You want to know that your beans are ethically produced and purchased, and we do our best to ensure we are supporting the local farmers and businesses that buy, sell and trade green coffee beans. Why do we do that?  It’s only fair that each person along the way can make a living with a little hard work. It’s a similar idea to supporting local produce, and since arabica coffee beans can’t be grown in Canada in any quantity, we will do our best to support the farmer, wherever he or she is, that produces coffee for us to enjoy.

With that said, we purchase bulk quantities of the best Fair Trade and Organic green coffee beans from GreenBeanery.ca. They are a great company out of Toronto, Ontario who source and ship green beans and many things coffee around Canada and the world.

A quote from their website:

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Green Beanery is a Canadian non-profit company, created and staffed by environmentalists at Probe International and its sister organizations. We not only strive to bring you extraordinary coffees and coffee-making products from around the world, we also work to right failings in the world-wide coffee industry.

Why would I advertise Green Beanery and potentially take sales away from FussyBeansCoffee.com?

I’m a person who simply enjoys a great cup of coffee, and I try to ensure my prices match or beat the prices of other similar companies on PEI and on the mainland. Since much of the cost is in shipping the beans, I provide a cost savings for those interested in purchasing smaller quantities of roasted beans or who want to try their hand at roasting themselves! FussyBeans Coffee is currently the sole seller of green beans on the island as well, so you can try your own hand at coffee roasting!

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