Fussy Beans Coffee Co.

Nothing tastes better than freshly roasted and ground coffee in the morning! As a micro-roastery, we at Fussy Beans roast quality fresh beans to your specifications and will provide local pick up or mail it to you directly so that you get the freshest coffee available.

We can provide a variety of bean types and flavours and will custom roast light, medium roast, full city, or dark coffee.

For your convenience, we provide online payments by PayPal. We will ship within 2 business days to ensure you receive your freshly roasted coffee (whole beans or ground) as soon as possible to preserve the aroma and taste that one can only get from fresh roasted beans!

Did you know?

Did you know that coffee beans are actually seeds? They aren’t actually called beans for any other reason than the fact that it’s the common term used to reference them. They are actually the seed of the coffee plant which bears red berry-like fruits.


Our promise to you:

We will roast and provide quality beans or ground coffee to you. (We also sell green beans.) When roasting we will roast to your desired roast level (Light, Medium, Dark); however we cannot promise the roast batches will be exactly the same every time as each batch is micro roasted specially for you. If you find a problem with your shipment, we will do our best to be equitable and understanding in all cases.

We will roast and ship our beans to you as fast as we are able. We will be limited to business days for shipping and are happy to provided expedited service at cost as required / requested. Since beans need to rest at least a day after beaning roasted, there should be plenty of time to get them to you before peak freshness and aroma!


How do you store it to keep it fresh?

The best way to ensure freshness is to order whole, roasted beans directly from us. We will roast your preferred beans, package them and send them to you as soon as possible. From there, it’s best to keep the beans in a sealed bag (the bag they are shipped in will do). They should stay in a cupboard, for example, away from direct sunlight and in a cool area. It’s not recommended to put them in the fridge or freeze them, as the act of taking them out and placing them back in will introduce condensation which affects the volatile oils which provide all the flavour. Finally, only grind beans enough for one day or so.

If you order ground coffee from us, be sure to keep it in a cool place (but not a fridge or freezer), away from direct sunlight in a sealed bag / container, such as the bag it was shipped in.

Should I purchase whole beans or ground?

When purchasing coffee, whole beans are always better than ground, as the whole beans keep the flavour inside and will provide better tasting coffee. Ground coffee provides the best flavour only up to 24 hours after being ground. So for your best coffee experience, we suggest buying whole beans and grinding them yourself!

What grinder should I get?

Grinders come in many varieties, shapes and sizes. For coffee, most any regularly available coffee grinder will do; you can buy them at Canadian Tire, or Walmart or your favourite department store. Prices range from $5 all the way up to $100. Some are manual turn, some are electric with a button, others are full automatic where you can choose the fineness of the grind.

Is coffee healthy for me?

Check out the wikipedia page on it, it seems to be! But like everything else, in moderation: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_effects_of_coffee. If any coffee is healthy, it would be the fresh ground sort as it retains the most oils from the beans.