Fair Trade, Organic Coffee

fear_trade_logoWe sell Fair Trade and Organic coffee beans primarily.  What does this mean? Simplistically it means that we, through Green Beanery and their partners, attempt to support and reimburse fairly those involved in producing each year’s crop of coffee beans, right down to the individual who hand picks the coffee berries from the trees.

A fair day’s labour is worth a fair day’s wage!

Read Green Beanery’s statement on Fair Trade here: LINK

Quoted from Green Beanery:

This logo is your assurance that your purchase of coffee meets Probe International’s standards for organic and fair trade. Probe International, a federally registered Canadian charity, was established in 1982 to aid the peoples of the developing world. Probe International espouses good governance and trade, not aid, as indispensable to the successful development of a country.

Probe International relies on the existing certification programs established by FLO International (Fair Trade Labelling) organizations. Coffees that we sell as “fair trade coffees” are all purchased from an organization endorsed by FLO. (Probe International is not a member of the FLO and it does not endorse FLO or the national organizations such as Transfair with which FLO is affiliated — Probe International merely reports the findings of FLO-affiliates.)

In the case of Organic certifications, Probe International either relies on existing certification programs or independently determines, through its own researchers, that coffee farmers have produced organic crops.


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